The mundane corporate world will always be waiting, so there’s no need to rush into it.
Make a change and spend two years with Teach For America.

AD: Karen Lai | AD: Sarang Kim



2-Year Planner

TFA will distribute 2-year planners at university recruiting events, encouraging students to think about the future and begin planning for the next two years.




Warning Tag Pop-Up Shop

TFA will set up pop-up shops inside stores where college seniors pick up graduation caps and gowns. These students can buy discounted business clothing to prepare them for their upcoming job.

However, a “warning tag” will be attached to all of the clothing items to discourage students from wanting to immediately begin working in the business world.



TFA x TED Talk Podcast Series: “Don’t Rush”

TFA and TED Talk will invite past corp members to share their experiences before they entered the corporate world.



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